sofas and sectionals

Sectional sofas and sectionals are great space-savers for small rooms. In general, sectionals are much more casual and less oversized; while sofas do have more elegant options available, too, including traditional, elegant leather sofas.

A matching sofa paired with an armless or loveseat can also give you more visual room in your living room because there’s an empty room underneath the cushions; while sectionals help to fill and define your space.

They’re perfect for creating an open living space and they make it easy to move your around the room without making it look cramped.

Most sectionals sit on their own, with adjustable arms that you pull up or down. The seatbacks of most sectionals recline, which means you can even get a reclined seating option with two sofas, giving you two different seating areas.

Seating arranged this way gives you more floor space, making it easier to move around the room. Even two sectionals can be used together, and when you have with extended legs, you can easily turn one into a breakfast bar, seating two or more people.

Sectionals can be arranged into several configurations, allowing you to create more than one seating area. When you have two sofas and loveseats, they both take up slightly less space than a single couch.

With a double sectional, you get three seating areas, giving you twice the seating area. Or you can create a corner sofas and loveseats arrangement, with two seats facing each other and two reclining seats between them.

This creates a nice space that allows you to enjoy your television watching but doesn’t consume all of that much floor space.

In addition to sectionals, there are also chaise sectionals. These come in two varieties, a chaise with back rest and arms or a chaise with no arms. For comfort, the former is better, but the latter may be a better option for homeowners with back problems.

Chaise sectionals provide plenty of seating, with three seats in front and three behind. If you need more places to sit, you can add a second chair or sofa to the arrangement.

Seating arrangements can vary with sofas and sectionals, depending on the manufacturer and available features. Most contemporary sofas and sectionals come with power recline options, which allow you to rock back and forth in comfort.

Other features typically consist of built-in cup holders, built-in beverage holders, built-in footrests, and tufted upholstered . You can also find sofas with reclining capacities between two and four, with additional storage options available.

Recliners are typically found on futon chairs. The number of seats is generally three, but some models can support up to five. Futon chaise sectionals, which allow you to lay your legs in the couch and have them cradled underneath the cushions, are very popular.

You can also find recliner chaise sectionals that have four or five seats, while others are single seats. Regardless of the model you choose, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to easily move from one section of a room to another.

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